Jenine Shereos
De/constructed Lace
Tencel yarn and pins
Tidal LifeMended TreeMended Tree
De/constructed Lace
(Rock, Sea, and Tree)
Deer Isle, Maine 2014
I have been developing a body of installation work entitled De/constructed Lace in which I knit lace to interact with the structure of the landscape or the architecture surrounding it. Sometimes the material is fluid and in motion and other times it is held under tension, creating a network of dimensional lines throughout the physical space it encompasses. There is often an element of surrealism in the work, as curtains seem to stretch and extend out from the windows that frame it, or knit cloth is caught up in ocean waves, simulating the motion of the seaweed surrounding it.

Some of these site-specific works are installed for a period of weeks for viewers to interact with, and others function as a sort of ephemeral, private performance existing afterwards in documentation. Oftentimes, collaborations intended or unintended arise within the environment; a spider spins its delicate webs from the white strands of thread suspended in an unraveling knit curtain, fibrous fragments of seaweed become embedded within a structure of knit fibers, or an array of rainbows flicker amidst white walls and black curtains. In each of these works, knit lace is suspended in a state of making and un-making as new structures and meanings emerge.